We’re Almost at 1 MILLION!

Hey there MapHookers, here is a fun fact for the day. We have recently added 27,000 new Wikipedia pins to our map, which brings us to almost 1 MILLION pins of cool content. So what does this mean?

Well, MapHook shares numerous amounts of content with our users and it’s not just from Wikipedia. We pull content from Yelp, Groupon, Yahoo, Twitter and Foursquare to allow our users to have an array of content at your fingertips.

So you won’t even need to leave the app to purchase that Groupon deal you just found!

While your browsing our newest pins, be sure to check out our new trending feature and see what is trending near you!!


MapHook 3.0 Is Here!

MapHookers, we have exciting news! We’ve completely redesigned our mobile app and it’s now available for download!

As you know, MapHook is a location-based social discovery app that empowers you to not only create and map interesting content but to also find, learn and share cool things occurring around you.


You can keep your content (“Hooks”) private or public, combine them into stories, and share through your social media channels; and you can view informational content from popular sources outside of MapHook.  Well – we’ve taken this several steps further and made it easier to do all of the above and much more!


So what’s new?

  • Check out our new “Liquid Social Discovery” user interface – it’s a fresh, intuitive and fluid design for presentation of both core map and social features that put the power of multiple information sources seamlessly on the display.
  • You can now see and share what’s trending around you and other places around the world. In map view or as a list, the app displays the latest city wide and global trends from Foursquare, Twitter and Yahoo.
  • We now provide “Featured” hooks from our “CultureHook” project. Cool content that will be regularly displayed from open data sources around the world. Don’t worry – we’re still displaying Wikipedia, Yelp and Groupon content. The idea is that we want to continue to add rich, contemporary content.
  • Our engine is much faster enabling smoother app navigation.
  • We’ve added a new “HookStream” dashboard featuring real-time streams of “hooks” for faster viewing.
  • You can now “like” hooks.
  • We also have a new offline mode so you can create Hooks while offline
  • And last but not least we have new search capabilities including advance filtering, and on-map and on-list quick search.

The new MapHook app is simple yet powerful and fun yet informative. Check it out today! Available for download in the App Store and on Google Play.

San Francisco Movie Map


Have you ever wondered where your favorite movie was filmed or what secrets may have happened behind the scenes?

Now you can with our new San Francisco Movie Map.  This interactive map is the first in a series of cool maps that we’re creating as part of our Culture Hook project.   Culture Hook maps will display intriguing, interesting and even unusual content curated from open source data sites.  Culture Hook maps can be viewed directly on our website or on our app.

Our movie map was created using available data from the San Francisco Film Commission and allows users to move around the city and view locations where movies were filmed.

Dr Dolittle Hook

Check it out – the movie hooks are pinned to the actual locations where movie scenes were filmed and include facts, trivia, pictures, or videos about that location, the actors, or the movies. Local residents and visitors can view the interactive map to discover filming locations they may have never even known about.

Did you know, Mia’s house from “The Princess Diaries” was originally built as a fire house to provide service for the Excelsior Homestead District around 1911?

The Princess Diaries Hook

With MapHook’s San Francisco Movie Map, users can explore the San Francisco area and learn under the radar details of their favorite movies!

So open the app or visit our San Francisco Movie Map webpage and see where your favorite movies have been filmed.

Keep a look out for our next custom map, you’ll be sure to Get Hooked!!


STC’s Brews with the Bard


If you are an avid theater goer and love to explore the Washington D.C. area, then be sure to check out Shakespeare Theatre Company’s great deals and events celebrating Britain’s classic tavern culture and D.C.’s bar scene.  Once again, STC has created several cool ways for their audience to interact with the wonderful city of Washington D.C.

Exclusive MapHook Discount!!!

MapHook discount no code

STC is offering a promo code to receive 10% off tickets to see Henry IV Parts 1 and 2. This promo is only good through June 8th so make sure to take advantage and log into MapHook to view their Hook and receive the promo code.

Young Prose Nights

STC is holding their Young Prose Night on April 10th, 23rd, and 30th. These events are tailored for young theatre-goers ages 21-35, they get to meet other theatre fanatics and enjoy each other’s company while attending a show.  Keep an eye out – MapHook might be there with some goodies to hand out.

White House Haunted Pub Tours with Nightly Spirits

STC is giving their audience a chance to win tickets to Nightly Spirits’ White House Pub Tour. All you have to do is go like STC’s Facebook page and you will be entered to win tickets to explore some of the most historic and haunted pubs and buildings in D.C.  Hey – while you’re on Facebook could you like us too!

Trivia Night at Brixton

Located at 901 U Street, Brixton holds a Trivia Night every Monday and STC wants to test your Shakespeare knowledge. During the run of Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, STC has coordinated with Brixton to bring their audience a special Shakespeare round during Trivia Nights now through June 2nd. You could win bar tabs and prize packs courtesy of Shakespeare Theatre Company.   What fun!  Don’t forget to share this experience and post some Hooks!

To learn more about these events check out STC’s recent hooks on their MapHook profile:
Or visit STC’s website at and select “Brews with the Bard.”

Washington Project for the Arts

MapHook is involved in another cool collaboration!  Using our mapping technology, we are helping the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) promote contemporary artists.

WPA is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves as a catalyst for contemporary art.  Founded in 1975, WPA is the largest visual arts-based membership organization in the Washington D.C. area. Through free workshops, exhibitions, educational programs,  and art events, WPA is able to connect and support over 12,000 artists and art appreciators each year.  And now these artists can gain incredible exposure through the WPA Art Map.

MapHook has partnered with WPA to help the public see just how close and accessible they are to contemporary art and a growing art community! The WPA Art Map features galleries and WPA member artists based in the Washington D.C. area. The WPA Art Map is a great resource for curators, collectors, galleries and those who simply love art!

artist hook

The map also features galleries. So if you are searching for an interesting or unique collection of art in the Washington D.C. area then check out the WPA Art Map to find a nearby gallery.

gallery hook

Expose an Artist and Get Hooked!



Night at the Shakespeare Theatre

It’s more than just a show, it’s an experience. The MapHook team recently attended the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Importance of Being Earnest at the Lansburgh Theatre on 7th Street in Washington, D.C.  Great entertainment combined with an appreciative audience that was ready for a good laugh – it was a memorable night at the theatre!

Walking into the theatre, it was clear that this would be a show you did not want to miss; with almost every seat occupied, the lights began to dim and the curtain was raised.  We were not disappointed – the performance was LOL funny and fun to watch; kudos to STC’s professional actors and actresses, they really put on a great show.

After the performance, STC held their Young Prose Night in the lobby. This event is directed towards the 21-35 age group, with the mindset that younger theatre-goers can enjoy performances while engaging with their community afterwards.  And with an open bar, the lobby was packed after the show.

As with all the Young Prose Nights, MapHook was there to show our millennial friends all the cool ways they can map their STC experience. Through MapHook, not only can the audience map their experience at the show but they can also build their story with hooks of activities before and after the show. Once hooked, you won’t forget your favorite things to do when it’s a night out at the Shakespeare Theatre Company!

There are two simple ways you can post your hook: Through the interactive map on the STC website OR if you are already a member, simply open your MapHook app. When creating a hook select the Shakespeare Theatre Company as the category and start mapping your experience.

And one more thing! Keep an eye out and keep hooking – STC may occasionally give away a free season pass for two to randomly selected theatre-goers who have created a hook about their night at the theatre!

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