New Feature: “Your Backyard”

Been to a money museum lately or surfed in a river?  Discover unique places and things to do in your own backyard using MapHook!

MapHook has rolled out another cool feature called “Your Backyard,” which showcases Hooks featuring non-mainstream points of interest.

Yourbackyard_Wigwam-Village-InnThe Wigwam Village Inn, inspired by a Sioux reservation in South Dakota, is located in Cave City, Kentucky and allows families to experience staying in traditional teepees while unplugging and escaping the everyday.

Do you like a good mystery or want a great summer time read for your vacation?  Visit the Seattle Mystery Bookshop, home to mysterious stories of all genres and for all ages, located in Seattle, Washington.


Whether you want to find a unique get away for the family or just want to discover local treasure in your neighborhood, MapHook can now help you do so with its new Your Backyard feature.

Your Backyard Hooks can be found in our Featured Hooks section and can be a great way to fill your summer up with new adventures.

Find it. Do it. Share it. Get Hooked.

“Woods Hole Trip” a MapHook Member Story

Ever wonder what our users are up to?  We see some pretty interesting and often creative hooks from MapHook members.  Well here is a collection of very interesting hooks from Seby – hooks that were combined into a MapHook story. They’re all about Seby’s trip to Woods Hole on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Woods Hole is a quaint seaside village with filled with shops, cafes, and more scientists and biologists per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Okay, we made up the per capita part but Woods Hole is a cool place and the home of several renowned marine research centers and scientific institutions. Enough from us – check out Seby’s Woods Hole story – a great adventure with awesome pics!

FYI – Seby used MapHook’s “Story” feature; this feature lets you group, organize and display Hooks so you can easily and visually tell your story.  Open the MapHook App and create & share your story today!

MapHook Guide – Best NYC Irish Pubs to Connect

MapHook has put together another unique CultureHook map “NYC Irish Pub Crawl Map.”  It’s an interactive map showing mobile network data speeds at the top twenty, most popular Irish pubs in New York City.

The map was built for those benchmarking gurus at Global Wireless Solutions. These lucky leprechauns went on pub crawl and measured data throughput, network reliability, pints drunk per data session, etc. The idea was to see how well mobile operators performed at each pub – how long it takes to post a selfie or a video, or download a song or an HD YouTube video.

Check out the news articles on the map from CNBC and Metro – it received lots of great visibility and positive reviews. We’re now working on our next CultureHook project so stay tuned, keep your MapHook app open, and create fabulous hooks — Sláinte!

nyc irish pub map

Real-Time Trends By Location

Did you know MapHook provides real-time trends by location?

NYC Trend List

Several times a day we provide the latest trends from Twitter, Yahoo and Foursquare for our users to stay up-to-date on popular topics.

Go to Paris, Singapore or Mumbai and see what their world is up to, with MapHook users get instant insights on what is currently trending around the world.

Trends can be viewed by list or on the map, making it easy to see what is trending in your location.

Be the first to know what is trending near you with MapHook!



MapHook’s Throwback Thursday!

It’s ‪Throwback Thursday! Check out some these three fun and creative hooks posted earlier this year and last from MapHook users:

Taking the Plunge @ Spitting Caves by Matt

Chihuly’s Garden & Glass in Seattle by SeaSam

Time To Ski @ Whistler! by Explorer

Have fun and create beautiful Hooks! Share them with other MapHook users or share them with those that do not yet have MapHook.   It’s so easy!






MapHook Holiday Contest – We Have a Winner!

We have a winner! Melilee’s Christmas in Miami Hook had the most Facebook “likes” in our MapHook Holiday Contest. What a great contest! There were so many fun and festive Hooks. The MapHook community truly demonstrated the holiday spirit — and from all around the globe – from Denmark to England to Canada to Australia and many points in between!

In addition to Melilee’s Holiday Hook, check out some of the other favorites below:
Merry Beardmas by KC1210
Peaking by Sara6a
Snowman Presents by Nammybell
Hair Tree by Naz14
Holiday Bear by Geek90068

Enjoy the New Year and stay tuned for more MapHook contests coming your way!

MapHook Holiday Contest – Easy to Enter, Fun to Win

Create a Hook about the holidays and you could win a $100 gift card to either iTunes, Google Play or Amazon (your choice). The Holiday Hook that gets the most Facebook “likes” wins. It’s that simple!


Once you’ve created your Holiday Hook, get your friends to “like” it on our Facebook page or on our website at – all they have to do is click the Facebook “like” button. Viewing is open to everyone, so the more holiday spirit in your Hook, the more “likes” you’re likely to get!

MapHook Members – here’s how to create a Holiday Hook: Be merry, open the app and select “New Hook,” include a festive photo and let everyone know how you’re celebrating the yuletide! That’s it – you’re entered – you can check the contest page to make sure! Contest starts now and runs till 11:59pm January 4, 2015 – plenty of time to hook the holidays and rock the “likes.”

Not a MapHook Member? Join us – it’s fun, it’s social, it’s informative! Did you know Santa Claus is a member? Enter the Holiday Contest here and show him some cool yule!

Felices Fiestas

MapHook Holiday Contest:
MapHook Contest Rules:


Holiday Contest Map

MapHook Creates London Pub Crawl Map


MapHook has teamed up again with Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS) to help them map their pub crawl in London, England. That’s right a pub crawl – well actually they were testing mobile phone coverage in and around famous pubs in the center of London.  While some drinkers may be falling over in the pubs, GWS’s engineers found that the mobile networks tested aren’t less likely to do so as long as you’re just talking or using an older 3G networks.

The concept behind this testing was to see what a typical pub patron may experience when accessing their mobile network, whether making a call or searching Google to help them find answers to their Pub trivia quiz. Trivia nights are always a favorite at pubs, allowing customers to win prizes and expand their knowledge of certain topics, but – shhh don’t tell anyone – some patrons use their smartphones to help win.

GWS engineers tested, tossed back a few pints, and collected voice, 3G data and 4G data at these iconic pubs; after which we created a cool interactive map of their results.  Viewers can use the map get an idea of how reliable and fast the mobile service providers are in the heart of London. Is the pint half full of coverage or half empty?  See what the media thought by checking out these news articles: CommsBusinessRecombu, and TelecomsTech.

You can view our latest CultureHook mapping project – the London Pub Crawl Map here:

Also, be sure to keep a look out for more CultureHook mapping projects!!

Find it, Do it, MapHook it.


Holiday Movie Map



‘Tis the season to reminisce and find your favorite holiday movie. To help celebrate this most wonderful time of the year, we’ve launched an interactive map highlighting some of the most beloved real-life locations of America’s favorite holiday films. The Holiday Movie Map is the newest addition to our CultureHook portfolio, designed to help people discover more about the area around them.

Our new merry map displays dynamic pins (“hooks”) showing locations made famous in contemporary classics such as “A Christmas Story” and the loveable “Elf,” as well as time-honored holiday masterpieces including, “A Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street.” The hooks contain curated content such as trivia and pictures about the movies and the locations where they were filmed. Use it to check out these holiday film spots and festive tidbits:

  • Ralphie’s family house in Cleveland, OH from “A Christmas Story” (there’s a rumor that from the right angle, you can even see the famous, scantily clad Leg Lamp in the windowsill)
  • The NYC building where Buddy the Elf spins and spins in the revolving doors in his excitement in the modern classic “Elf” (just don’t tell the doorman MapHook sent you when recreating the famous scene)
  • The Boat House where Sam and Jonah settle down after departing from Chicago in “Sleepless in Seattle”
  • The McCallister family home in Winnetka, IL (if you’re looking for Kevin – he might be asleep in the attic)

Whether you’re traveling or staying home for the holidays, you can quickly discover nearby locations made famous by these films – just go to Better yet – download our app from iTunes or Google Play. Not only can MapHook users explore these holiday movie locations, but they can also comment on the films displayed and add their own favorites to the map. And, in addition to the holiday movie hooks, you can also view other cool film and TV related hooks by location – it’s all there in our Featured Hooks section.

Enjoy the holidays and create beautiful hooks!


Picturing Mary

Picturing MaryMapHook has teamed up with the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) to bring you an interactive map involving their upcoming landmark exhibit, Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea.  NMWA has organized an extensive yet extraordinary exhibit that includes over 60 unique and rare Renaissance and Baroque era masterworks of art from galleries, museums, churches and private collections located around the world.  The exhibit officially opens in early December; however, the public can get a sneak peak of these masterworks by visiting our Map on NMWA’s website:

The Picturing Mary exhibit shows how the iconic image of Mary was portrayed by famous period artists through their paintings, sculptures, and textiles.  NMWA has divided the artwork into six different themes:

  • Mary as a daughter, cousin and wife
  • The mother of an infant
  • A bereaved parent
  • The Protagonist in a rich life story developed through the centuries
  • A link between Heaven and Earth
  • An active participant in the lives of those who revere her

Earlier in the month, NMWA started adding a theme every week to the Map; enabling viewers to trace the journey of each artwork and gain an appreciation for the style and context of each piece particularly in relation to the theme.  You can experience the Madonna as she was envisioned by great Renaissance and Baroque artists such as Botticelli, Dürer, Tiepolo, Gentileschi, and Sirani.

This wonderful collection of art has traveled from the Vatican Museums, the Louvre in Paris, and the Uffizi in Florence, among others, to NMWA’s gallery.  Many of these pieces have had only limited viewing by the public including several that have never been on display in the United States.  Use our Map to follow this fantastic journey!

Art lovers, historians, and people who like to see cool things – check out the Map at:

Share your experience — open the MapHook app and create a Hook about this exhibit or about other artwork that inspires you!  Tell us about your favorite art museum — although we won’t be surprised if it’s NMWA – they have an awesome collection!

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